Hello there! 

 My name is Júlia (pronounced 'Julia' as in english) but I adopted 'Juline' as my name in the web world.
I'm from the beautiful city of Lisbon, in Portugal. Currently majoring in Graphic and Multimedia Design.
Having a blog is nothing new for me. Actually, I've had many blogs in the past but sadly, as time went by, I grew tired of them. I think the best thing about documenting things, aside from the amazing feeling of "letting it all out", is the idea of having something that remembers me of certain memories that I might forget as I go on... And before you guess it, yes, I do love some good old nostalgic memories.
 I'm passionate about any form of art: music, literature, cinema, photography, design, architecture, etc.
I'm a firm believer that the world without a glimpse of any of those things, would be a boring and sad place to live in and I want to make part of that change. That's why I like to create art of any type or form.
Thank you for stopping by and welcome to 'Strange Encouter' ♥