Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Sneak peek of my bathroom dorm, haha :)

Just came here to say hello! I've been working all day on a school project and I'm feeling suuuper tired and so done with Photoshop.

I'm doing collages for a project and, damn, I cannot stand colorful paper cuts anymore - They're everywhere and I need to work with them till the end of it all *sigh*

Not sure if I should go watch a film or some episode of a TV Show that I did not see - yet.

Last night I saw Manhattan and, oh my, I am so in love with Woody Allen's movies; They are absolutely amazing and can you believe it all happens in the 70's? And, oh boy, it feels so real and new.

I'm torn between Hannah and Her Sisters or Casablanca (I know it's a crime I still didn't watch it).

I'll keep you posted - Have a goodnight!


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