a day in brighton

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Before I start this post, I want to make a little disclaimer:
I haven't post anything for ages and, coincidentally, the last time I did, was about my London trip and... Today's post is kinda related to that, well, sort of.
I also want to say that... I'm back! And from now on, I'll post anything here: photos, videos, poems, music covers (you know how much I like to sing and play my guitar), lyrics... anything really. I'm super excited and I hope you'll follow me in this journey.

After a year, I went to London again but this time I enjoyed more the city and didn't snap many pictures *oh* so there will be no posts about it. Thing is: this time, I went to Brighton! Yes, super exciting, it's been ages since I wanted to visit this city and, kid you not, it's way more beautiful than I imagined.

I live in a country bathed by the Atlantic ocean and we have one of the most beautiful seasides of the world, if you ask me. Lil' tip: Google "Algarve" and see what I'm talking about *wink wink*
So, saying that, I'm used to see beaches, seashores and beautiful coast landscapes.
Nonetheless, I loved Brighton as soon as I got off of the bus. Here's why:

Am I right? It was already 2 P.M when we got there and the sun was already going down so quick!
Which, I didn't mind at all, as I got to snap some beautiful pictures of it.

We stopped by "The Bright Helm" pub and had lunch. Also, can I just say that Wetherspoons saved my life on this trip? Damn, food can get quite expensive (specially in London) but you do get good quality/price there. Really nice, but not the healthiest option -those burguers though- *drools*

After that, we went for a walk on the beach and behold! The rumors were true: Brighton is windy as hell. But it's worth it because you get to see amazing views like these ones:

Oh, the pier... Amazing. Despite the wind, everything was perfect that evening. We had such a great time and although we didn't got those minions (damn you!) we sure had loads of fun.

And now, let's take a moment to appreciate this beautiful sunset. I'm seriously in love with these photos:

Love the cinematic vibe of this one. I could totally see a rom-com taking place there. It would be so dramatically cheesy and we would all love it because look-at-the-view.

Okay, so, I'm almost done. Don't give up on me.

Before we head back to London, we visited the The Pavilion Gardens and even though it was kinda dark, cold and we didn't see much of it, here's a sneak peek.

As a big appreciator of architecture, I can say that those buildings were beautifully made and it felt like I was in India but it was freezing cold and I couldn't feel my feet.

Anyways, we reached the end. I loved Brighton and I would like to come back but, preferably, in spring-summer time. Here's a blurred photo of me, smiling like a fool and so happy to be there. I miss it already.

I'll be back! x

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