Thursday, 25 February 2016

«The sea said goodbye to the shore, so the sun wouldn't notice» - Of Monsters and Men, Sloom

On February 21st I went for a walk to the beach with my boyfriend since it was the last day of my 1 month college break and I wanted to enjoy my last hours of holidays with good company and the weather was good; It was warm and the sky deep blue when we got there but then... Everything went grey. The wind began to blow stronger and everything changed so quickly. Hopefully not a sign.

5 AM

Saturday, 20 February 2016

«Promises I never fail,
Never fail to never fail to never make.
Nothing taken, nothing spent.
He'll thank me in the end.»
- Hamilton Leithauser, 5AM

a day in brighton

Before I start this post, I want to make a little disclaimer:
I haven't post anything for ages and, coincidentally, the last time I did, was about my London trip and... Today's post is kinda related to that, well, sort of.
I also want to say that... I'm back! And from now on, I'll post anything here: photos, videos, poems, music covers (you know how much I like to sing and play my guitar), lyrics... anything really. I'm super excited and I hope you'll follow me in this journey.

After a year, I went to London again but this time I enjoyed more the city and didn't snap many pictures *oh* so there will be no posts about it. Thing is: this time, I went to Brighton! Yes, super exciting, it's been ages since I wanted to visit this city and, kid you not, it's way more beautiful than I imagined.

I live in a country bathed by the Atlantic ocean and we have one of the most beautiful seasides of the world, if you ask me. Lil' tip: Google "Algarve" and see what I'm talking about *wink wink*
So, saying that, I'm used to see beaches, seashores and beautiful coast landscapes.
Nonetheless, I loved Brighton as soon as I got off of the bus. Here's why: