london pt 4 - museums day

Monday, 23 March 2015

The third day was fully dedicated for visiting museums so for that reason this post will be the longest one since I took lots of photos. We took the tube and made a short stop at Notting Hill Gate; I can't stop to think of Harry Potter scenarios whilst in London. All so british-like. Ah, I'm in love.

To start off a long day, nothing better than getting a hot coffee from Starbucks, at Gloucester Road. It felt really good taking a nice drink since it was blooming cold that morning.

The first museum stop: Natural History Museum. Holy cow! I'm in love with that building. It was gorgeous and, again, reminded me so much of Hogwarts school. Did I mention that I absolutely love Romanesque architecture? Because I do. And I wish that every city would have buildings like this one. Love, love, love.

The one and only: Charles Darwin. The mastermind of geology and responsible for discovering our origins and all about life on earth. Without him, our world would certainly be a different place.

At this museum, we can see lots of things about all kind of species but pretty much life on earth and its evolution. The dinosaurs were ok; T-Rex's face was really charming and lovely. My favourite part was the room where we could saw all kind of tools and animals that Charles used to make his experiments. Some were creepy but so cool at the same time. 

Again: look at this architecture. I can't get enough.

Second museum stop: Science Museum. I must admit that I thought it would be so much better than it actually was but, nonetheless, I liked it very much.

The main venue was fulled with all kind of gear representing the evolution of science and technology. We could see planes, weapons and other things used on the WW one and two (and there was actually an exposition about Winston Churchill showing off other stuff about it as well). But the things I liked the most were the vintage ones; for example the evolution of Mini car, a huge British icon that I absolutely love.

Behind that plane (that was used in WW one or two I believe), we can see lots of Mini cars with different types of models and colours. So cool!

I don't know about you but I'm very interest in the past and seeing trivial things like these (old sewing machines, old blow-dryers, analog televisions, vinyls, the first Game Boy and... look at that box with Microsoft Windows 95! I had one. I remember using it and had one of those calculators as well. Ahhh! The nostalgia is huge. I love this kind of stuff.

I had to post this here because... I was very intrigued by it. It's so creepy. I think it was suppose to show that people should be careful whilst riding a bike and if they didn't put their eyes on the road, they would probably bled and die. Those meds would certainly help. Certainly.

Next and last museum stop: Victoria and Albert Museum. If you're into art history and fashion, you will love this. I'm so glad that I went there! It has lot of pieces of art such as textiles, paintings, sculptures, monuments, architecture pieces... I don't even know. They are so diverse.

Everything is beautiful! It's impossible to no get inspired by any of this works of art.

It was so amazing to see these Raphael paintings (above). I studied some of them in my art history classes so seeing them in real life was awesome and the canvas were huge! No words.

I was petrified by this hall. It was gorgeous! The ceiling was super high, I felt so little in there. Love the gold adornments on the walls. So beautiful. The pictures speak for themselves.

This room came as surprise for me. I didn't know there were real monuments in this museum, I mean, how did anyone put this column (below) there? It was an awesome surprise. Mostly because, again, I saw lots of works of art that I studied such as 'David' by Michelangelo. Cool surprise.

The day didn't end here but I'll put the rest in another post. I loved this day! It was super productive and it was refreshing seeing, in real life, lots of pieces of art and cool buildings like Natural History Museum. I love you, London! You are beautiful.


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