Tuesday, 23 December 2014

«This is the story about Daisy Harvey
A girl whose thoughts were nothing but deadly
Dreams were born in the fields of pure despair
The wind blew slightly through her hair

She loved the hollow of my soul
A lost empty heart that I own
They said she was mine to keep
But I was just a slave of their pleads

One night we fought in a battle
A pact we had mutual settled
I fell in love with her words
She was crafty as a sword

Now I’m a lost idea of what I’m not
Things have changed and you’re all I’ve got
Please don’t miss me when I’m leaving
I love you more than you could imagine

When the night falls and I’m gone
Remember that you’ll always be the only one
The only one who knows and warms my soul
The only one who rocks my world

A lorn star will shine upon you
Let it rise and go after that cyan-blue
It will protect you from the demons you’re afraid
This will be fatal as the power of your tiny blade

There will come a time you’ll see
All the things that once scare you will set you free
And if I could change a thing of what happened
It would be this sad departure»

- written by me, 31/05/2013

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